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Virtual Reality lounge

When you put one of our Virtual Reality headsets on, it puts YOU into a video game! Everywhere you look – all around you, above you, even below you – you see what’s in the video game world! You could swim with dolphins, battle zombies or conquer your fear of heights! It’s time to get off the bench and get IN THE GAME!


 multiplayer fun!

The Virtual Reality Lounge is the perfect place to hang out with a group of family & friends! The lounge comes with 2 VR Headsets – perfect for playing against, playing with, or playing alongside each other! Headsets include full access to our library of VR games and experiences. The lounge also comes with a custom ‘Old School’ arcade cabinet with a library of over 3,000 games – so when you’re not immersed in VR, you can be battling your friends in Mortal Kombat, saving the planet in Space Invaders, destroying the city in Rampage or playing a host of other retro games.


Pricing for the Virtual Reality Lounge is a flat rate (not per person) with unlimited use of Two Vive Pro headsets and full access to our library of experiences – as well as our custom arcade cabinet. The Virtual Reality Lounge can accommodate up to 6 people.

60 Minutes              $60

Virtual Reality Game Previews