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Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms put players in a real-life escape game where they must work together in a race against the clock! In order to escape; players must find and solve a series of puzzles & riddles as they uncover codes and keys on their path to freedom!

Escape Room Pricing

Escape Room Tickets are $19.00 per person.

Group Size

We recommend anywhere from 2-8 with a maximum group size of around 10 people. Our Escape Rooms are ALWAYS private to your group – we don’t mix you in with strangers.

Age Requirements

Kids under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paid guest age 16 or older.

Blast from the Past Escape Room

The owner of the 50’s Diner fell on hard times and had to close his beloved restaurant. As the years go by, Big Corporation has tried on numerous occasions to purchase the land, demolish the diner and construct a shiny new strip mall. Now, with the recent passing of the owner, nothing stands in their way. 

The dynamite is in place and the Diner is set to be imploded in just 45 minutes. It’s a known fact that the “King of Rock and Roll” liked to frequent the diner and urban legend has it that he actually hid one of his gold records somewhere inside. If you can find it, we can bring enough attention to the diner that it will be saved!

All we have to go on is an old newspaper article….but is it enough to save the 50’s Diner from the inevitable BLAST?!?

Crash Landing Escape Room

High Tech Corp is a mysterious company that has been dabbling in space exploration. It’s recently come to light that they’ve been engaging in some questionable, even ODD practices. Through their explorations, they’ve come to be in possession of an item of intergalactic origin. While they haven’t determined the item’s exact purpose – it’s clearly sending out some sort of ODD signal. For safety reasons, they’ve locked the item inside their high-security, top-secret  ‘Project C.O.S.M.O.S.’ facility.

We’ve been alerted of a CRASH that happened moments ago at the facility – we’re not sure exactly what it was – but – according to the initial report – clearly it’s not of this world. Has the signal attracted an unexpected visitor?

You have 45 minutes to resolve a situation that may have a lasting effect on this world…and beyond.


Millions of dollars have gone missing….5 suspects are on trial making this is a very high profile court case for such a small town. There is concern that one of the 5 suspects may try to influence..or even harm the judge to prevent his verdict from incriminating them. For his own protection, the judge had been placed under 24 hour surveillance. However, even with the increased security measures the judge has mysteriously vanished! The strangest part? The door to his Judge’s Quarters is still locked…..from the inside! Did one of the 5 suspects steal the funds and dispose of the Judge in an attempt to prevent his verdict?  It’s up to YOU to go through the evidence, verify alibis and determine exactly what happened.