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Bazooka Ball is an AWESOME combination of Paint Ball and Laser Tag! It takes the high energy & adrenaline of paintball & combines it with the high-tech & low-impact aspects of Laser Tag. It’s Paintball without the PAINt!

Bazooka Ball is played using regular Paint Ball equipment but instead of using paintballs (which can hurt) our equipment utilizes 2″ soft foam balls. It provides the same adrenaline rush for seasoned paint ball players while being safe & fun for younger players as well!  

Recommended Age for Bazooka Ball is 7yrs and up and is the ULTIMATE Mobile Experience!


the ultimate

mobile experience!

We bring everything that you need to provide your group with an UNFORGETTABLE ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE!

want us to bring bazooka ball to you?

Bazooka Ball is MOBILE!

Want us to bring Bazooka Ball to your school, your church, your company gathering, your WHEREVER?!?

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